bart simpson edits are the profile picture of most fake depressed 11-12 year olds. usually a song by x in the back if it is a video edit.
dad: hey son! what’s the meaning of your profile picture? it’s a bart simpson edit!
son: nothing
*dad walks away*
dad: hey bro, what’s the meaning of my sons profile picture?
bro: does he play fortnite?
dad: yeah, he’s never off the game!
bro: oh... he’s a “depressed” little guy who makes fortnite dancing tiktoks and craves attention.
dad: ah... well that explains a lot
by textinglikeevie October 29, 2019
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A picture of Bart Simpson with hearts and a XXXtentation song in the background
Emo kid: "Hey check out my Bart Simpson edits."
Average kid: "What no! I am a normal person don't bring that depressed shit near me!"
Bystander: "fake depression should be illegal."
Emo kid: "Wait no! ITS REAL!!!!"
by BigMen1234 December 13, 2022
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