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Skanks that love to go up to army guys' barricks rooms to have sex..
they usually wander from room to room looking for new G.I.'s to sleep with.

they usually drink all your beer, hit on your boyfriends, spread STD's, hang out around the base.

NO ONE like them.
they like EVERYONE.

they know more about your "battle-buddies" than you do.

They are the girls your drill sergeant warned you about in basic.
NORMAL GIRL: hey, what are you doing tonight?
BARRICKS WHORE: oh i think i'm gonna go up to the barricks tonight
NORMAL GIRL: again? i thought you did that last night..
BARRICKS GIRL: yeah i'm just trying to find a new guy to fuck..i'm running out of guys in 3rd ID..i guess i gotta hit up the rangers..or MP's..or airborne school..those guys will stick it anywhere
NORMAL GIRL: ohhh..i gottta go.
by fuckarmysluts December 15, 2007
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