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Any maddog or loose unit, who loves to throw some serious chat (at either boiz or bitches) because they're weapons who have sick jobs at the loosest investment banks in sydney.
Often characterised by identifying everyone as a 'weapon', 'loose-unit', 'law homies' or 'maddog' and often known to refer everything back to the sick bonus they will receive once they start their career as a maddog banka!

This style of chat was first started in the UQ law school by the law homies who all have sick investment banka jobs in sydney, and love to throw insane chat about their jobs and salaries after their internships finish every night at fridays!

Often this phrase is incorrectly misspelled as: Banker Chat
Carter: "so i decided to buy her a drink because hey she's only starting on 70k unlike us on 110 yeahhh boy"

Hilmer: "you loose unit carter, im only gonna get 105k at ubs but i'll still be rockin around ivy bar with all my law homies you weapon"

Carter: you weapon hilmer, i love how u throw some insane banka chat like that!
by banka baby December 27, 2010
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