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There is an extremely awesome group of bandana bandits, if your not friends with them- you should be. I dont know how to tell you this..."we're kind of a big deal." Sam has firey red hair and he wishes he was a grand master. Jake loves boating shoes and enjoys throwing balls at girls. Andrew hates when people walk on the newly seeded grass and enjoys placing used underwear on people. Rachel pole dances and is half black. Cassy is Q-ed and eats things off the ground...enough said. Laura mistakens rocks for couples and is foreign. Steve is NOT a bandana bandit but his singing voice makes me want to give some one a white dragon! Pretty much we're awesome.
Person One: "did you see those kids with the bandanas last night?"
Person Two: "dude those are the bandana bandits... man I wish I was as cool as them"

Steve: "YOUR EYES"

Sam: "I wish I was a grand master"
The Grand masters: ha ha ha loser face.
by Laurizzzle September 15, 2006
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