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A sexual activity in which the man powders his balls with Old Bay spice, and then lets a woman go to town on them.
"I can't believe I don't have Old Bay all over my face after that huge Baltimore crab cake!"
by little_bit_of_red September 10, 2009
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A devastating punch to the solar plexis or lower sternum, with ones middle knuckle protruding from the rest of his or her fist. If done correctly, the blow will possibly crack the sternum, similar to how one cracks the outer shell of a crab to get to its meat and make crabcakes, which Maryland is famous for. It can also incur internal bleeding, vomiting and perhaps even paralyzation.

It is not often used as it requires a great deal of force, and in the time the said Baltimoreon is charging up for his vicious blow, the other contender could easily execute a jab to the face or ribs, rendering the potential Crabcake useless and thus turning the tide of the fight.

Less known among the actual folk of Baltimore, it's more used among Baltimoreons who have left the city and use the attack as a sense of self pride for their birth city when in danger.

Heard to be reffered to also as a Dundalk Crabcake and a Chesapeake Punch. Similar moves from non-Baltimoreons have been jokingly called things such as The Angry Prairie Dog (reffering to how one out of five knuckles is sticking out, not unlike how a prairie dog rises from his hole to check the area) and The Knuckle of Destiny.
"James got into a fight with a guy in Tampa last week. Do you know the details?"

"Yeah, the guy was too busy mouthing off to his friends to notice James had wound up for a Baltimore Crabcake. The guy fell like a sack of shit."
by sixguns3 December 11, 2008
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