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A high school in Baltimore MD, built way before i was even born, with a principal who has set the Guinness Book of World Record for the Biggest Waste of Alumi Funding. It is a classic example of any high school: terrible bathrooms, mystery meat for lunch, the heat works in the summer while the air works in the winter. It's all there, bundled up into what some consider "The Best School in Baltimore City". I attended this ancient hell and wish to never go there again.

PS. There are some worthwhile people, as there is such a thing as a good person going to hell.
Dude #1: I can't stand goin to poly....why da hell they spend dat money on those star buck's chairs...and those dumb ass tables we keep breakin!!!

Dude #2: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute is indeed hell.

Dude #3: Imagine if it were only dudes here.

Dude #1 and #2: Shut up, dats not funny.
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