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A baller bitch is a female vixen that is not to be messed with. Baller bitches are not the typical girls who call themselves 'ballers' when in reality, all they do is pose for Instagram selfies with a basketball in an attempt to seem 'cool'. Baller bitches are popular with every crowd, woe all the boys and have some serious ball handling skills.

Baller bitches generally can be defined with the following terms:

- Quite a bit of attitude
- Casual & laidback, yet charismatic
- A sexy kind of mysterious
- Swag's on point! (basketball shorts, Jordans / CP3's, jerseys, snapbacks, beanies etc. but generally can pull off anything)
- Good ball handling, lay-ups, alley-oops and great knowledge of basketball
- Always at the courts (treats it like a second home)
- Gets along with all kinds of crowds
- Bitchy when it's necessary: doesn't let anyone get in her way
- Motivated & dedicated to being the best she can be
- Beautiful in every way: inside & out
- Boys are always chasing after her, but shes got her eye on only one
Luke: Who you eyeing up?
Dante: Keisha, bro.
Luke: That the girl who schooled Naomi with that ankle breaker at last night's game?
Dante: Yeah man. Damn she fine.
Luke: I hear you, but ain't she taken?
Dante: I know.. she a baller bitch, of course she gon' be taken.
Luke: Whoever that lucky guy is, he better wife her asap.
by Fried'Chickenquisha December 21, 2013
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That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
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