Balkan Wars (1912 to 1913) resulted in Ottoman Empire losing almost all of its remaining territory in Europe. Balkan League (Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro) vs Ottoman Empire. Balkan League formed in 1912 with support of Russia in order to take Macedonia away from Ottomans. Montenegro declares war on Ottomans on 8 October 1912, and other members of Balkan League do the same within 10 days of this. Balkan League is victorious. January 1913, Young Turks in Constantinople break apart from Peace conference, and this results in a continuation of the conflict. Ottomans again fight Balkan League, and again Balkan League were totally victorious. Peace Treaty signed in London 30 May 1913, Ottoman Empire loses almost all of remaining European territory, including Macedonia and Albania. Albania remains independent. Macedonia divided amongst Balkan League. 2ND BALKAN WAR. Serbia, Greece, Romania in dispute with Bulgaria over division of Macedonia. 1st June 1913, Serbia and Greece form alliance against Bulgaria, War beings June 29/30 1913. King Ferdinand of Bulgaria orders troops to attack Serbian and Greek forces in Macedonia. Bulgarians are defeated, peace treatie signed on 10 August 1913. Greece and Serbia divide most of Macedonia between themselves, Bulgaria only receives a small part of the region. Balkan Wars heighten tensions towards climax of WW1, sparked by assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian on 28 June 1914.
Teacher: What do you know about the Balkan Wars?
Banana: Ottomans were defeated by Balkan League in the two Balkan Wars, 1912-1913. The loss of Ottoman territory meant that conflicts over division of Macedonia. These tensions led to assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 - the causal spark of the First World War.
Teacher: What do you know about the Russo-Japanese War?
Apple: Shit! Banana?! Help me out man?

Banana: You should've gone to urban dictionary.
Teacher: You should've gone to specsavers.
by Eddplanted August 01, 2014
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