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When you are at the movies (on a date or with friends) and there is an irritating asshole in front of you, making noise or talking, you pull your ball sack out, rest it on his shoulder, and you shout "BAKAW" (bird noise, works for better effect if you make a parrot noise, whatever that may be).
This non-gentleman at the movies last weekend kept sneezing. My girlfrind and I could not hear our movie so we got pissed. I decided to take things into my own hands, bald parrot time, to shut this fucker up once and for all. I pulled my shaved nut sack out, gently sat it on his shoulder, a screamed BAKAW!!! He got the point that he was being a noisy asshole, and he left. Problem solved.
by badossnotbadass July 10, 2008
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