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A being that inhibits a small to medium sized luggage bag and is above all things, accepting of the people it meets. The troll bag typically takes time to get use to a knew face and will need to become comfortable with its surroundings before poking its head and arms out being less tense. The bag troll feels easily threatened and will seek shelter and protection from nearby individuals that it trusts and/or feels attatched to. The average diet of the bag troll includes snickers bars, doritos, chips and dip, donuts, maccoroni bites, blooming onions, and ice creams in a variety of sorts, in addition to several other sorts of fried foods. Bag trolls repel all forms of physical work or labor, but is excellent at keeping company to lonely people in need of comfort or a friend that will listen. They can speak every language imagineable, including English, French, Grimlin, Sign language, Chinese, Spanish, German, Latin, and many more. Overall, the bag troll is the perfect friend for all.
Sam is a bag troll; she is patient zero of an entirely new species, the father being a lost airport luggage bag and the mother being a Grimlin.
by Abendego July 29, 2014
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