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The baddest of bad. The girls who show up to a house party or club knowing that they will get bottles served to them for free. Bad females in High School will usually rock the white Adidas, leggings that show some quality features, and some top that is irrelevant. Bad females in college wear anything that suits they're style of partying. You know by the end of the night these girls will probably be behind doors hooking up with a guy. Eye-catchers, people will look to them for re-assurance when about to make a decision. Different from hoes, or thots, or sluts. These girls have self respect for themselves and know that they have limits and boundaries pre-set for themselves. Dirty minded, but all in good fun. Not as rare to find.
Some bad females just rolled up to our party man!
by PartyExpert420 October 12, 2016
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