N.: a name given to another in praise of either a good or bad action
"Hey bro, watch me do this burn out."
"No way, you're a bad cunt!"

"Bro, I'm about to smoke a joint."
"Oh you bad cunt!"
by Michael V July 27, 2006
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" Bad cunt era" is a slang word used mostly by "australians" of arabic heritage (all TT's -Taza Teeya means new comers in arabic)

The arabic backgrounds of these tt's are (assyrian, syrian, ,etc ) that live in Fairfield

( Fairfield station, Station street, T-way cuz, etc)
Fuck cuz look at these bad cunt era's.
Shu bad cunt era's.
Look at me i'm a bad cunt era.
by Jason Yousif November 15, 2009
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