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syn for Bitch.

group of girls that come together as friends over a small and random common interest, such as the fascination with Kevin Bacon. Usually have a "Bacon Code" in which laws are completely random and strict. (example- you can not wear stripes on tuesday. and you can't so much as look at him because i used to go out with him) Bacon babes tend to suck people into their crowd because on the outside they seem "cool". However, word to the wise, don't fall into the Bacon-byss. Once you go, you can never return, and it will not be pretty i can promise you.
Girl 1- "Omg have you seen the Bacon Babes? they all have matching t-shirts! They are soooo cool i wish i was a part of them"

Girl 2- "Seriously? because they are all stupid. and gay, and they make no sense. but ok... watch out for that first step into the bacon-byss, it's a doosey"

Girl 1- *fake girlie giggle* "whatever you sayyy!"
by Shanayynayyy September 22, 2006
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