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Similar to the "Reclining Chair", but instead gender flipped and backwards (evidently).

In the situation when a female/male is laying down facing up and providing head for a man sitting on top (preferably with his/her legs kicked up to provide support for him, hence the chair aspect, as the angle can be quite difficult to maintain). When the man on top starts to reach climax, he quickly flips around so that as the bottom provides a rimjob until the man climaxes, ejaculating over the bottom's torso.
Male 1: Yo I was slamming that girl from my church the other night, and right when she thought I was gonna nut in her mouth I flipped the script and pulled the greatest backwards recliner the world had ever seen. It was so great my cock sauce was red.

Male 2: I think you might need to see a doctor...
by Crunchyeater June 05, 2016
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