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/a/Back Tracing It is what jesse slaughter's//(aka Kerligirl13)'s father does to the trolls who dun goof'd about his daughter, on this the great internet.
/b/Back Tracing It is something that results in the cyber police erasing the after math of the jesse slaughter shitstorm and wake ensuing thereafter.
"I'm gonna tell you right now, this is from her father;
you bunch of lying, no-good punks, and i know who it's comin' from, because I've Back Traced It."

Original Video- Jesse Slaughter shit talk
youtube dot com backslash watch?v=gfSxbtxjPPY

Perfect Example Video- Jesse Slaughter shitstorm
youtube dot com backslash watch?v=eaUmlwFXdug
by trolltnet July 19, 2010
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After 11 year old Jessica Leonhardt's (Jessie Slaughter/KerliGirl13) various social network accounts, e-mail, phone number, and home adress were compromised because of her first video, she posted another video with her highly upset parents (mainly irate father) saying many things like "consequences will never be the same" and that he "back-traced" the hackers and that they've "been reported to the cyber police". It became a viral hit instantaneously with macros, video remixes, and parodies of these catchprases.

Jessie's Father: ...because I back-traced it! You've been reported to they cyber and state police! If you ever get near my daughter, consequences will never be the same!

Joe: My computer has been hacked!
James: It's ok Joe I've back-traced them. Consequences will never be the same if they try it again.
by Kode Master J July 17, 2010
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