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-Damn! You see that baby bot across the dance floor!
- I was taggin some baby bot last night. She was damn fine!
by Tiffany Vanderbilt January 14, 2009
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1.a young person (typically between the ages of 8-15) who has fallen victim to or participates in generic capitalism such as MTV or Disney channel. Most of these are girls who go to extremes to fit into the media-projected standards
2.any person above the age of 7 who acts like the doll, BabyBot, which is popularly used in life skills classes.
1)babybot 1:SHIT, I have to go Tivo the Hills and then go to my hair appointment! I'm getting my hair done like Miley Cyrus! wanna come?
babybot 2:Sorry girl, I really wanna go, but I have to go shopping with my mum's credit card for some stilettos I saw J-Lo wear on TRL!

2) little sister:*cries* I want a bottle!!!
big sister: Stop acting like BabyBot. I have to babysit one of those things this week and I don't want another!
by Charlotte Spins August 16, 2008
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