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(Noun)-wanna be black-ghetto-ass- white kids schooled at Lower Dauphin High School, who wear..alll baby blue...and smoke newports on the smokers corner..blastin rap music from their shitty-ass cars...where theres one BBC memeber...theres always 10 more shortly behind
"yo man i heard the Baby blue crew can't wear Baby blue anymore, Umbergaler that asshole...BBC fo LIfe!"
by nottadoper December 01, 2004
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An international set created by King of kings based out of northern MA (disbanded officially 2002-2019). If you have seen the Baby Blue Crew between 2002-2019, those individuals were not actual initiated members of the real Baby Blue Crew which is a baby gansta set under the Illuminati (the most notorious and powerful gang in the world). Baby Blue Crew had members from the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, MS13, Triads, Yakuza and various other gangs and cartels.
Nigga's in the Baby Blue Crew now . You know what that means they did to him, right? That's some real Sh*t.
by DaRealJeezy April 24, 2019
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