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A type of jean short, usually self-cut. MUST be made out of tight jeans (usually girls jeans or tight fitting mens jeans) Worn by men and hipster girls alike, awkward shorts are the awkward length that are not quite capris, but not quite short shorts. At least partially covers knee or flirts dangerously with exposing the whole knee, the amount of coverage depends on how 'hip' you are, without exposing the delicate balance (too short and they will just be jorts )

Often features uneven cutting techniques or totally uneven leg lengths (usually rolled up a notch or frayed to hide this) and should be worn with an American Apparel V neck, or, with knees exposed, a Deep V.
It's so hot out. Look at all these kids walking around in awkward shorts! They got their ray bans from a thrift store. I wonder how old that jersey is...

Guy: I stole my girlfriends pants but they were too short on me so I cut them and made these awkward shorts.
by sn4pify April 15, 2010
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