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An expression that describes any recent incident that was completely awesome and mind-blowing. Not to be confused with the preppy "tots", pronounced "toats" or "totes". Ew. This phrase is also used to express vague interest in a situation, when used as a reply.
Sit #1:
Friend: Did you just see the triple turn-around toss I just executed flawlessly?
Me:YEEEEES, and that was so freakin' awesome tots.
Friend: Thx. *grinn* I'll try a quadruple this time around.

Sit #2:
Me: Omgs, I'm going to die this weekend cause I haven't finished my lit paper and it's due monday!
Friend: awesome tots.
Me: Wtf? are you even listening?
Friend: what? oh. yeah, listening.
Me: stfu. wahtever.
by Autsel April 22, 2010
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