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shes a bird, shes a plane, shes a superwoman !!!!!!! she is the best friend you could ever have, and she has the besttttt advice. she wears exclusively oversized t shirts and nike shorts, but shes so itty bitty that they look even bigger. shes a slim thicc legend that would be welcome into anyones life. she has reddish brown/auburn hair and hazel eyes, and she is a freaking LEGEND AT ART!!!!11!!!1!1 anyone would be lucky to have her. follow her @luckoftheavery bc shes a queen and deserves love <3 shes having a tough time rn and some support would be appreciated, let her know you care!
oh, is that avery andrews over there??
yeah totally, shes my best friend
by averys_are_gr8 August 29, 2019
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