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1. To see an autocorrected word, in an interface such as an Apple IPhone, and then go back and correct the spelling to your own format of how you think the phonetics dictate the spelling rather than the actuall spelling. Repeatedly if need be until the phone accepts the misspelled word with the autocorrect feature turned on.

2. To leave autocorrect off and not regard underlined or highlighted words as having any greater significance than any others.
"When I "tolded" my mummy, she said, I should get a friend and smak that bitch up."
"She tolded you, rite, let's both go do that. I'm with you."
"I'll get the cricket bat, can you bring your older brothers baseball bat, and I know another kid who was suspended from school for beating up a a guy with a tennis racquet, I'll see if I can get him to come, I've got a spare raquet - dad must have been drunk he didn't notice he got me the same Xmas present two years in a row"

Cood somewun highlite this centence pleese?

I had to autocorrectionalize most of the above.
by S. Muffin May 18, 2016
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