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a word derived from the boys name.

1.the fricken awesomest girl ever... father, son, holy ghost!
2.bob marleys long lost twin
4.a vomit inducing agent.
5.wanting a boyfriend that has skills such as nunchuck skills bowstaff skills or computer hijacking skills.
6.cant eat cant sleep reach for the stars over the fence world series kinda stuff.
1.that shit is so aubrey! A-U-B-R-E-Y
2.your mom goes to aubrey.
3.negative slut points for you.
4.some one who can kick a mark cavistons ass any day with help of a kristen
by stupie January 05, 2005
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1.)refurring to any number of dumps you may have taken through out the day, especially the off colored green ones
2.)a type of crystallized sugar- often found in urban slums being snorted by the darker examples of human beings
3.)synonym for a series of put-downs (such as rat fink, sucker fish, fat head, melishious mung slinger, biggity bitch, or physco whore)
4.)the term used for the process of a pubessant 13 year old boy while his testicles are dropping
1.)"Dude, I told you- if yer gunna aubrey you better flush afterwards, and feel free to throw in a curtousy whipe, would ya?"
2.)"yaw man who dat nigga tryin to spot me sum dat artruhficial aubrey d laced with KFC greez-niggaz iz Krunk yaw"
3.)"he.he. you fucking aubrey d."
4.)"Yeah right i bet your boyfriend hasn't even aubrey d'ed yet! He couldn't get it up if he O.D.'ed on viagra"
by beetard foozer January 15, 2005
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