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atk town is short for a north side(mil town) street "ATKINSON". this street remains and has always been notorious for prostitution,drug dealers and users since the late 1960's. Police patrol this street and surrounding hoods daily without any progress as to stop ANYTHING that goes on here. (as well as ALL (mil town) hoods!) this is the (ghetto) this is the hood! this is my hood ...but ATKINSON STREET is just one of many in the wild ass northside (mil town). Atkinson is also home to two major (G.D.) gangs in tha (mil town),,,the 1-9 atk mob and the 2-7 atk yo ass round here G!
"nigga i aint from the eastside,,i stay on 29th over in atk town" 29th & atkinson
by 414s FinestG February 06, 2005
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