An arabic word which means the main or major. Also can be used for naming people, usually with leadership characteristic.
Many Athirahs spotted on the streets are wild in the sheets! Athirah is also rumoured to be a strong, determined, independent woman who 'don't need no men' ahah! Behind her bold, strong character, lies a sweet, sensitive personality that longs to be babied up.

According to a statistic from collected data of own personal biased judgement and analysis, any Athirah is not to be desired, as 98.3% of Athirah tends to fall on a spectrum of mediocre intellectual and general average performance. The remaining 1.7% are unknown, hypothesized to be outstanding beings with progressive intellectual and pleasantly-peculiar genetic rates of revolution.
Dude, I invited the chick Athirah over last night. Wild.
by calculated_gibberish January 19, 2021
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