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There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes.

Her smile is the first smell of spring, her laughter the sound of thin ice cracking and silver bells ringing.

When you meet her, she becomes your present, your future, even your past, and you can't stop wanting to be near her. To feel her. To love her.

She is what you dream of in the late hours of the dark nights and what you wake up trying not to forget.

She is everything you ever dreamed of - even though you didn't know what that even was before first laying eyes on her. Before hearing her talk and getting lost in the sound of her voice and the depths of her eyes.

There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes, even so, you can't look away.
Person A: I met someone...

Pesron B: Cool bro, is she hawt??
Person A: You can't even imagine.. Words can't describe how she makes me feel
Person B: Chill bro, she's just a chick! What's her name??
Person A: Asta Iris
Person B: Oh.... I see.
by Springtime October 20, 2014
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