The kind of fart that moves soil.
Geez Gary, that ass-quake of yours had enough power to knock a seagull off a trash can!
by Jaron W. August 22, 2005
When your in a room full of black girls and then they all start shaking their ass's on you
"Yo bro I went over my friends party and I went to go get a beer and the next thing I know there is an Ass Quake "
by JDADDY97 October 18, 2015
When a bitch doing to much but it’s funny
“LMFAOOO girl ur such an Ass quake
by Obamas coochie April 25, 2022
the act of twerking agresively
the 69 year old man was naked crying on his table ass quaking a doll.
by memelordz March 11, 2019