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A list, usually written sloppily on the wall of a high school boys' bathroom stall, of the girls in that school whom the writer considers to have the best butts. Other boys may add onto this list if they deem a certain girl worthy of placement. Often referred to as "THE ass list".
1) Girl: Hey Allie, I snuck into the boy's bathroom yesterday 'cause I really had to go and the girls' room was locked...and apparently you're number 3 on the ass list...

2) Boy 1: Yo, what's the name of that chick with the tight booty?

Boy 2: Allie.

Boy 1: Last name?

Boy 2: Sorella. Why?

Boy 1: 'Cause I'm gonna go into the bathroom and put her on the ass list. I just need a pen...
by TheLightOfDay November 09, 2010
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