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A haltering phrase that is injected into a conversation to stop another from a bout of irrational questioning. Typically stated in the middle of a reply out of mere frustration or it can be used as an interuption of a 'too many questions' attack. May be a simple end rather than an answer to a useless question.
Example One
YoLandray - Hey man, who is going tonight?
Devondry - Everyone! Even Joe's cousin Lisa will be there.
YoLandray - Whaaaat!? Who is she with, who's she going with, is she with anyone, is it true what they... Devondry - Daaaam foo... I dunno, ask Jeeves bitch!

Example Two -
Sleepy - Hey Doc, is it true that sleeping aids cause oily gas?
Doc, Bashful aaaaand Grumpy - We dunno foo! Ask Jeeves Bitch!
by Berndoyd April 01, 2007
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