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Alternative name for soy sauce, but with a slight hint of cultural insensitivity. This term is used when the food is perceived to be bland when it isn't. Asian ranch caters to those from regions of the world where palates are acclimated to being salt-inclined. When using this term, it is implied that it will be deployed liberally, by means of carpet bombing all the dishes with an aerial assault. Just like how ranch is a staple condiment of the United States of America, soy sauce is the stereotypical equivalent for regional Asian cuisine.
****At a Dim Sum Restaurant
Steve: Want some shumai?
Austin: Yeah sure. Can you pass the Asian ranch too?
Steve: The what?
Austin: The soy sauce. I'm going to make a small swimming pool to dip the shumai in.
Steve: *Facepalm*
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by RRCsteve October 31, 2017
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