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is an immature, lying fucker, who has nothing better to do than going around dissing everybody. he disses girls since he cant get any of them, with him miniscule dick!
Girl: ashrant where is it?
Ashrant: its rite there!
Girl: where? how am i supposed to give a handjob if i cant find ur fucking penis?
by ashrant May 18, 2004
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Is a loser who curses off whoever he/she (could be an it) gets mad at. Tries to fight people but always ends up losing, has a big mouth good for one thing, getting himself in trouble, is a fucker enough to get detention for 4 days for stealing pencils. Loves to steal people's friends, and is constantly in the mood to be a bitch
Guy: you are such a bitch sometimes
Girl: oh god dont go all ashrant on me
Guy: sorry
by wannabe2003 January 24, 2004
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