The person is charming lovely and a good man in all aspect of his life. The true love of his life is with him now he will always be happy with her .
The man every girl willing would've be as asif
by Aka myesha September 02, 2018
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an alternative combination of word and phrase for 'whatever'. When put into use, it can effectively confuse the recipient which in turn gives the speaker the upper hand
Charlotte: I win everything!
Chris: ASIF!That's the biggest joke i've heard!
by Chris 'The Great' Gregg January 28, 2009
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As If is a phrase used to express shock that a particular person had the nerve to think they could even approach you.
"As if he thought he had the right to breathe the same air as me." "As if I would even consider looking at someone like him." "As If he stood a chance in Hell." "As If that isn't funnier than shit?"
by MRSKAT December 11, 2013
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Commonly used exclamation, typically amongst Sixth Formers, used in a sarcastic manner when faced with a situation that they either love or hate.

Ie, they shout "as if", often repeated by the action it is suggested they partake in, and exclaim whether they will or will not do it, and whether they love or hate it!

Can also be used if something is completely true, but you would like to draw more attention to it.

See examples.
Cassie: Are you going to LeedsFest this year?
Jordyn: As If I can't go to LeedsFest! HATE THAT!

Lameass Are you going to LeedsFest this year?
Messy: No, but Tom is.
Lameass: Ahhhh! As If I hate that so much!

Monique: As if we're going to Paris in two weeks. Oh wait. We are.. LOVE THAT!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
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One of the best tv shows from the UK screens!.
The best teen show ever.
Absolutely the best
by minna no osama June 11, 2004
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