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When a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man, they sometimes feel the need to partake in some kinkier sex. Therefore, they go to a dance party where lemons are served. In the middle of the dance floor, the woman grabs a lemon wedge and shoves it up her vajayjay. The man then must down an Arabian cocktail (of any variety), and then insert his cock into the woman's vagina and find the lemon wedge, then bringing it out without anyone on the dance floor noticing. If someone does notice and they are familiar with the game, they shout out "fuck machine" at the top of their voice. Once caught, the offending party must run a mile, and then go back and try to do it more sneakily. The game only ends when either the man passes out, gets the lemon out, or the acid from the lemon burns through the wall of the woman's vagina.
Damn, Jennifer wants to try some kinkier sex, so we did the Arabian Lemon Wedge Machine and my legs are still sore and the hole of my dick is on fire. It was a great workout though, I think I ran about 26.4 miles!
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