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A fucking monkey butthole who literally molests innocent children of his age with his very sexual glances towards them; as he sticks his pinky finger gently down their butthole they scream and it breaks his finger. He bites his lip as he strokes his penis saying: "I want that little boy for my van." It would've broken faster if he used his dick. His dick looks like a deformed child after being ruthlessly beaten with his chopsticks because that is the only way he won't crush his fucking tiny chode. He masturbates to child hentai and cries while he does it. His parents are fucking retarded and hope that spaghetti and pizza is the cure, he isn't fucking italian! Feed him some jewish boys and he'll be OK. He loves spaghetti so much; but he always FUCKING burns it, he could fucking burn milk with his cooking skills...

Literally thelegend72... The opposite of what you should be.
Girl: My mom says that there is a new boy coming to my school!
Boy: What's his name?
Girl: Angus Seifried.
Boy: If he wears a trench coat to school, run fast, run far. *Shoots himself*
by pussyslayer69*420 February 07, 2017
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