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The angry schrodinger is a sexual position which involves some messed up preparation.

First the male must obtain a cat, it is also important to note that the cat should be dead. The male now must find his victim very unconscious(which can be done by the administering of drugs or large blows to the head) and hide the cat in her vagina. Next the male reviews his understanding of the schrodinger wave equation and finally obtains the most permanent marker he can find. At this point the male needs to bend his victim over(preferably on tough rug so that her knees will hurt after) and go to town(town being the inside of her) repetitively.

Close to achieving climax, the male should grab the permanent marker and write down schrodinger's wave equation as big as he can on the girls back. Finally upon completion of his orgasm, he must turn her around so that she can see her vagina and begin to finger the girl and say, "so I guess it was dead," she will reply with, "what's dead?," he finishes with, "this cat." He now must pull the cat out as slowly as possible.

If the girl does not faint, she is on the tier of the most-fucked up people in the world, which luckily is a set that the male would also belong. This is how freaks find sole mates.

ProTip:While considerably harder, it is possible with a living cat, earning three times the points.
Bro1: "Why do you have a dead cat ?"
Bro2: "I'm planning on giving this girl an angry schrodinger."
Bro1: "That's fucked up bro, I don't think we can be friends anymore."
Bro2: "But its your sister."
Bro1: "I have to kill you."
Bro1 stabs Bro2, his sister and then kills himself.
by 56df56 November 06, 2015
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