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A selfish trick played on a co-worker: As you are headed to take a bowel movement, you pass a co-worker coming out of the handicap stall. He makes a comment that he warmed it up for you. You thank him and enter the handicap stall (because there is more room in the handicap stall then the adjoining regular stall) and do your business. At this point you realize that there is no toilet paper and your co-worker, who failed to warn you, has left the lavatory. You have no choice but to stand up and with your pants around your ankle, you shuffle like a penguin from the handicap stall into the regular stall to complete your paperwork.
That fucking Bobby set me up by using up the toilet paper and purposely did not tell me as I headed into the stall. I had no choice but to do an angry penguin scuffle into the next stall to wipe my ass!
by Office Barnacle March 07, 2013
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