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Finish punk/rock/metal guitarist. Kinda like the love child of Ronnie Wood and Johnny Thunders, and the driving force behind the cult glam punk band Hanoï Rocks. An enormous influence both in look and guitar sound on rock music, McCoy is worshipped like a God in Finland.Stole Izzy Stradlin's girlfriend at some point, resulting in the passive aggressive hits "Don't Cry", "Patience", "You Could Be Mine" and "How Will It Go". He starred in a stupid reality show, a Finish version of the Osbournes, which caused an entire nation to facepalm.
ex1: I really like Andy McCoy's guitar playing on "Oriental Beat". Such a rock classic
ex2: Have you watched The Real McCoys last night?

ex3: Andy McCoy's wife, Angela, is basically Satan and her laugh is annoying as fuck.
by Samhainfan February 14, 2014
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