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The girl whose name is a far away galaxy but i can hold in her arms. The girl who cares for others but doesn't get treated the same back. Her heart is as fragile like a bubble. One harsh touch can shatter, but a smooth gentle touch will keep her heart going. This one guy smooth as he can be can still crush her heart out. Many times this has happen but they are still together. This guy has done things she has disapprove of and still does it. Yes this guy has baggage from his past but his heart belongs to you. You and you only. No one from his past can break that. There has been a look in your eye since the beginning. The look I see through your eyes is just us being happy together. Honestly I chose you and only you. I know my past is coming back to me but ultimately you come out on top. Why do I say "soon"? I say it because I know my mom will ruin my chances of seeing you. She won't let my out for sleepovers if she knows that I have you. I honestly have to tell more lies to my mom if she met you. I really need it to be the right moment for you to meet my mom.
I really am in love with you Andromeda. All times that I have been with you have been amazing no matter what we do. I know you will be there for me when I'm in need but the day that i locked my keys in your car sealed the deal to me. I know our relationship has been a highway for us. We have been through all the bumps on the road. We conquered the flat tires we had in the relationship.
(cont.) We even conquered the internal problems. This honestly is a learning relationship in my eyes. I guess we still have to learn more things about ourselves so we can be one again. Saying sorry doesn't mean much to you anymore. I guess time will. I have many things planned for us in the future but I will keep them as a surprise.In total honesty I do feel bad about making the wrong decisions in the recent weeks. I have no clue to get your heart back but I will do it. Only time will tell. I guess it can start by opening the door after you read this.

I love you, Andromeda Casareno.
I am sorry Andromeda Casareno.
by r. gamez May 25, 2014
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