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Anal Rippage has two definitions:
1) Anal sex performed, however goes horribly wrong, usually when the man's penis is too large for the reciever (man or woman recieving anal) and causes internal bleeding.
2) When somebody rips(copies) somebody so bad, it could only be considered as anal rippage, the most faggotry and intense conformity of all.
1)Porno Paul: How do you like that, bitch?
Supposed slut: Oooh Paul, that's so hot!
*5 minutes later* Slut: I'm bleeding! OOOARRRGHH!!
Porno Paul: Anal Rippage! Nooooooooooooooooooo
2)Trivium: Shall we 'cover' Metallica for our new album, The Crusade?
Kirk Hammetts brain: Anal Rippage! We will sue your asses!
Matt Heafy: I hope this album is successful so I can get fucked by Kirk Hammett.
Rest of Trivium: OMGZ Did you just say that out loud? That's anal rippage...(1)
by James Fletcher March 08, 2007
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