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A literary technique used by writers too lazy to learn narrative skill, or even proper sentence construction. A practitioner employs it by flushing his brain of the longest coil of vaguely related ideas he can manage to squeeze out, then dumping it on a page with no coherent structure—often, without any punctuation at all.

This fetid stream of consciousness all too frequently bypasses the editorial treatment plant, instead spilling directly into the Sea of Literature, where swimmers caught in the noxious tide experience recurring, involuntary thoughts all broadly equivalent to "Why am I reading this?!"
Bob: Hey Mary, what are you reading?
Mary: Meh, just the latest in the flood of vampire novels aimed at teenage girls, by some writer keen to jump on the bandwagon. It's all first-person stream of consciousness though: it's not reading, so much as wading through the effluent from the author's anacoluthonic irrigation.
by shambulator April 27, 2010
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