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Usually an attractive individual who, more than likely, has a generously proportioned beard (but no moustache). He/she would traditionally be a devote Muslim born in England but eventually, in the later years of their life, turn to the party life and end up developing a criminal record containing a wide range of offenses. Their sexual appeal is based on mostly hair color and vertical size of either a male or female. Their ideal partner would be a pure bred Irish girl/boy who has a non-identical twin and are not tall but not short either with brown/blond hair. Sometimes referred to as "the Zeel" when he/she is on the hunt for good sport to take part in his/her night time activities.
Situation 1: Talk between 2 girls.
Girl 1- "have you been talking to that muslin kid recently?'
Girl 2- "have i ever. He's turned into an endersby. It's an understatement saying my world has been rocked last night!"

Situation 2: At a police station.
Cop 1- "What kinda villain do we have here?"
Cop 2- "Turns out he’s an endersby. Had to get him his own filing cabinet to store his rap sheet. He is in here now because he got that short black haired hooker to do some crazy shit with him in a synagogue."

Situation 3: At a bar.
Guy 1- "So Simon. You on the prowl tonight?"
Simon- "Dude I’m pretty much God and even i can’t compete with the Zeel."
by endersbyandzeel December 16, 2011
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