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"an alice" is a female that leads a male to think she wants to bang but doesnt bang, "an alice" will normally get their victims erect and at times will even let the male touch her, however the alice wil never, i repeat NEVER bang.

there are a few reasons why the alice wont bang, the main one is that she is scared of the dick as she is normally a virgin, the second reason being that she doesnt want to ruin her cute, pure, virgin girl reputation to be shattered.

some beleive that "an alice" actually really wants to have sex and that she is more hormone than most girls but will still not bang
man: alice i wanna fuck you so bad right now

alice: im so wet can you feel it

man: alice lets bang right now

alice: next time we meet xx

*never meets again*

.... an alice x
by one of alices victims November 05, 2013
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