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The name of a beautiful,strong,smart person with a excellent personality who is bubbling with energy.Everyone should have an Anél in their lives.
My best friend is amazing her name is Anél.
by Anél June 15, 2018
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Anel is the most amazing guy ever, he is a laid back chill guy. he get's a bad wrap for his name but he is the biggest sweetheart ever. He has amazing hair and is an all out funny guy. He's not as bad as the other guys out there and he is the most understanding guy you'll ever know
I wish there were more Anel's out there because they are such sweetheart's.
by blauwe.lucht January 30, 2019
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Momma anel goona take me home

Momma Jojo and baby micheal

Bitch fuck yo messages they don't meen shit!
by It'smeashh November 11, 2013
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Anel is a common name for a Bosnian man. They can be very strange at times, and are not very good lovers. They get angry easily and can lash out for no reason.
Friend #1: “Hey did you see Anel today? He was acting really strange.”

Friend #2: “Oh that’s how he always is.”
by CelticsElite December 09, 2018
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lena (dunham) spelled backwards. used in reference to anal sex in which one person shits all over the place. or just bad anal.
oh man, i got anel-ed last night so bad i need a new mattress.
by sufjanstevensbanjo May 22, 2018
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