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a french talking bumba clunge that was born in the month of June.

They tend to be the prettiest french people around, and go through stages of emo to french, with music tastes varying from Britney Spears to Run D MC, often found next to a couple of pigs, with her pocket hanging out.

To come across this variety, you have to look out for something that resembles a roller skate, she can be a feisty watch out for her best weapon...the 'hot water bottle'

If you happen to walk with a le roo, you are guaranteed a best friend for life!!! Theres only one!
eeeeeyyyyyhhhhh! :-D that girl is such and amy le roo.

Juuuunnne...wheres amy le roo

je suis amy le roo

have you seen my amy le roo?

you know....amy le roo?!

you have to meet amy le roo!!

i cant believe you havent met amy le roo!!!

aint no party like and amy le roo party..

morning amy le roo....parppp!
by le mange.. October 03, 2010
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