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With her enticing, sexy physique, she'll seduce you almost immediately. Although her dainty form may look cute and charming, her fierce, ferocious personality will make you unusually horny, so forget your girlfriend or maybe even boyfriend -if you're that kind of person. Once your eyes meet her eyes (or other body part, if you know what I mean), you'll fall in love with her. This suave, slinky babe will steal your heart. So don't be a dick, well, at least have a dick, because you're going to have the ride of your life. Because this bitch won't give mercy, but she'll still arouse you nonetheless.
Guy 1: "Have you seen Amarrah?"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, she's fucking hot"

Guy 1: "Fuck nah, I'm getting her first"

Guy 2: "Amarrah's mine."

Guy 1: "Shit, at least I can still slap that ass."
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