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The smallest instrument of the Saxophone family,
Inferior to the giant wood of the Tenor Saxophone.
"Hey Jonah, did you see Angelina's alto saxophone?"
"Hell yeah, I'd like to pound her with my Tenor sax."
by Anakin Brynn March 03, 2014
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A good instrument to play, not to big, not to small either. The neck strap can become somewhat annoying at points. Overall it's a good saxophone to play and it makes a great tone. When played with others it can have a great melody and harmony, overall it is a good instrument for a band and people think their instruments are better than you but it's all lies. The Alto Saxophone will always be the best instrument!! :)
Damn, look at her Alto Saxophone! I bet it has a great tone!
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by Anoys May 29, 2019
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