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Someone who is an exotic lesbian. She likes rats and buys on impulse. She's a depressed piece of shit but hides her sad emotions by being a "Fucc Boii" an does hood rat things.
Man did you see alliyha? Yes she got some nice rats
by Crackbitchhood98 October 30, 2017
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Alliyha is a very carefree, exciting, life of the party girl. She lightens up everyone day and is a very goofy type if person. Alliyha is a very loyal person and she will never let you down. Yeah, she may have some problems but Alliyhas are the best! If you meet an Alliyha keep them close to you.
I just saw this girl leave her friends side to go comfort the girl that was getting picked on by her friends... She must be an Alliyha.
by Gimmiedatass67 September 14, 2018
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