when one person is sexually attracted to another person.
I was wearing my Autobot T-shirt and the ladies were all up ons!

I wish I was Sugar shum! That would make her all up ons!
by AlfaTrion August 20, 2003
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A phrase derived from a Strong Bad E-mail. It has no specific definition and it's meaning can change several times in the same paragraph.

Recently it has swept the nation as the hottest slang phrase since "where's the beef?" and "hella." One would be wise to adopt it immediatly into ones vocabulary, otherwise one might be left in the dust as a square or a narc.
As an affirmation:
"Hey, Sharice, did you take the shiznit out to the beshizzle?"
"All Upons, Tyrone."

As an exclaimation:
"All upons, muddafucka!"

As an insult:
"Man, the popo just won't get off our backs! They be all upons, yo."
by Tom Leary May 26, 2005
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when a person is sexually attracted to another and manifests it in a physical way that is not always welcome.
"When you go out tonight, I hope that no nasty guys are all up ons."
by kimnrowdy June 03, 2004
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