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It's aleak not kaela. An amazing girl with an amazing personality who very much enjoys kpop. SVT, BTS, SF9, and Pentagon (not yet) are her favorites. She is so nice and funny. She never fails to not be relatable. She's also very gorgeous and cute. She deserves so much because overall she's an incredibly awesome human being. Besides her looks shes also really smart and very slick. She's good at everything and she will most likely brighten up your day! (she's a blessing to this universe.) A very unique name for a very unique girl! You're going to have so many inside jokes with her, it's insane. She's always too fast paced and she's like a bird, naragalge. She's truly one of a kind and amazing. It's insane that such a perfect human being exists. Whenever you meet an aleak, don't waste a minute! Introduce yourself and get to know her because you won't regret it. Stay up with her until 4am and watch weird videos together. Very legendary and fantastic person, you'll probably cry. Annyeong :)
Oh Aleak, is that fast pace you're listening to?
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by jeonghan June 05, 2017
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