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prounced : (I-EE-Thuhh)

an extremely intelligent female with the perfectly endless eyes and flowing hair of a goddess. she has the cutest laugh, is sweet, caring, ad the most loving person you could possibly think of. Always, she is considered to be "beautiful" and "mad sexy" by the masses, she is a cuttie and a hottie! Anyman who gets to be with this amazing, outstanding girl should connsider himself the luckiest man alive, she is an all around keeper. whos going to be the lucky guy?

long relatioships is what she loves annd she loooks for the guy she wants to marrry, no words can explain aida she is beyond this world.
this boy nnamed joey was ever so lucky to be recognized by aida martinez, the girl he is in love with.
by lllloooooooooveeeeeabbbleeee January 13, 2011
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