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aden is a fat black haired cunt who sucks dicks and uses mar-ja-wanae wrong.he sticks it up his ass and eats cocaine.he wants so much help with getting bitches but his dick is so limp that nobody could erect it.(im about to rage)FUK THIS KID, HE NEEDS HELP, LICKING HIS ASS AND EATING DILDO CEREAL AND BARNIES CUMMIES, HE WAKES UP AND FUKS HIS CAT AND JERKS OFF TO LEMONADE STAND PORN.(I FUKING FORCED HIM TO SHOW ME HIS SAVED PORN) AND HE INNSISTS THAT HE WANTS TO BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS(DUH, DUH,DUH) TO CATCH THE BITCHES IS HIS REAL TEST, 50 SHADES OF GREY IS HIS CAUSE(DUH, DUH,DUH) eCH DANK WHORE TO SUCK THEIR TITS, ERECTION IS HIS LYFE,
wow, that kid is acting like such an aden yerby. we should kill him.
by tY eRWIN June 19, 2017
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